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Wardrobe Your Home

We all dress for success in our own fashion. Some of us are sporty, others more formal, you may be down to earth or just simply want to be comfortable. Your home is an extension of your style and a rug helps set the mood.

Each piece of furniture, the art on the wall, paint colors, flooring, all play a part in setting the tone. A rug is another piece of art, only on a different plane (horizontal rather than vertical). A carpet can be the center piece of the room or be an accent or a calming element that lets some of the other objects shine. Perhaps you have a favorite chair...you want it be the star of the show. The rug needs to play well with it. Maybe you have very neutral colors and want to add a splash of color and dimension. Every zone of your home may need something different, it depends on its function and personality. It can make the room lighter and brighter or it can be dark and cozy.

No matter your style, a hand knotted rug will add texture, color, depth and character to any space. What attire would your room be comfortable in?

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