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What Should I Look For In a Rug?

Rugs are like functional art...for your floor. Personal taste and style play a big factor in choosing the one that is right for you. If you are a collector looking for museum quality rug, you are going to be searching for something completely different than if you are trying to find a working, everyday rug. Some people start with the color palette, others start with design. The condition and age of the rug may be more important to you than either color or design. The first step may be putting these options in some sort of priority. After looking at several different types of rugs, many customers find that their first priority is not quite so important and something lower on the list moves up.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself ~ Does the rug fit you needs? Does it fit your space? Does the rug appeal to you visually? Are the colors going to work with your decor? Do the condition and quality satisfy the utility that you are looking for? How much can you afford?

How do you go about determining which rug is right for you? Buying a Persian or Oriental rug is a very personal decision. You have to consider size, shape, color, design, material, quality and durability. Are you buying the rug as an investment or as a functional art piece? Are you just trying to protect wood floors or is the rug going to be a vital piece of your rooms design? What is your budget? One thing is for certain, you will know the right rug when you see it.

The biggest obstacle to finding the rug that meets all of your needs and wants may be how much you limit yourself in the above considerations. The more narrow your criteria, the more difficult it may be to find just the right rug. All of my rugs are hand-made and unique. There are no real industry standard sizes or colors. Go on your rug search with an open mind and you may find something great and unexpected. For example, you may have strict size limitations but colors are a less important. Maybe you are already working with a color palate but the rug could be a bit larger or smaller. Or perhaps, you are working with a space that needs to have straight lines and geometric patterns but quality is not so important.

What is the value of a rug? That seems like a big question! The beauty of a rug is in the eye of beholder and the value of a rug is the amount that a seller and buyer can agree upon. One person values a rug that is old and worn, maybe because it has been in the family for generations. Not many people would pay much money for it, but that does not diminish the value to the owner. Others are looking for high end investment pieces.

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